Duplicate vessel Title

If a title is lost or stolen, a duplicate can be obtained by visiting our office. A registered owner or lien holder may apply for a duplicate Florida title. If there is an outstanding lien on the vessel, only the lien holder can apply for a duplicate title. If the lien is satisfied, but still appears on our databaseas a paper title, a lien satisfaction form must be submitted with the duplicate application.

When the title is electronic with a lien and the lienholder is a business, the lien will have to be satisfied through the lienholder’s vendor.

Individual lienholders may request the title be printed, then the lien will be satisfied on the front of the title.

To apply for a duplicate, you must present photo identification in the form of a driver’s license, identification card, or passport.

A duplicate paper vessel title will be mailed. It is $9.00. If you would like your title immediately, we offer a fast title service for an additional fee of $2.50.

If your vessel is titled in another state, you must apply for the duplicate title through that state.